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Technical Piano Information

The Pinkham Piano uses the same materials and component parts as used by Europe's most famous and finest piano makers. Great attention to detail, and use of the most advanced techniques and computer control machinery.
Ciresa Soundboard

Wood from the Fiemme Valley is a fascinating story as it was hear that Stradivarius personally chose the wood for making his famous violins. This wood unique in the world for its resonance characteristics is still used for making soundboards for the very finest musical instruments.
Renner Action

The Renner action has approximately 8000 parts and is found in the world’s finest pianos. Steinway, Bechstein, Bosendorfer, Bluthner, Fazioli and many other fine pianos. The reason for using this action is based on consistent quality, reliability, precision and durability.
The Renner Action on its own will not make a piano a beautiful piano to play. It is only when the action is very finely adjusted will its quality response become apparent. At this stage the detailed knowledge of a concert pianist is required for the setting up and adjusting of the action. Without this knowledge the superb action may well not respond with the precision demanded by the pianist. The Pinkham Piano not only comes with a Renner Action but can have the  added specification of having a Grand Wippen Flange Spring and Adjustable Repetition Spring.

Renner Felt

It takes many days work to finely set up and adjust a piano action. It is therefore of great importance that firm felt developed over the last 100 years is used. If poor quality, soft felt is used it will compress, and all those correct adjustments will be quickly lost. In such a case a piano action that is out of adjustment, will make it difficult for the pianist to produce the required sound.
Pin Friction

There are approximately 176 key pins to support the keys, and  approximately 360 Centre Pins in a pianos action. It is again of great importance for the finest pins to be used. Poor quality pins become tarnished and create friction. This will make the piano heavy and sluggish to play. Key pins that have been hand  polished and Teflon coated will transform the way a piano plays
Renner Hornbeam Wood

Renner uses Hornbeam Wood, which has been found to have significant advantages, because of its dense structure and high bending strength. Special attention is paid to proper wood selection, seasoning, and grain direction. This attention to detail eliminates many problems associated with inferior materials.
German Renner Hammers

Renner Hammers are renowned for their quality. They will be found in the world's most famous and finest pianos. The German Steinway; Bosendorfer; Bechstein; Bluthner; Fazioli, and many other fine pianos.

RennerRenner buys the finest and longest fibre felt developed over hundreds of years.  Long Staple Felt provides stability, and durability. Renner make many different hammers to suite different sized pianos. Piano makers are able to able to specify the weight of the hammer to suite different sized pianos. The felt may be compressed to different pressures, for producing a bright or mellow sound, and for an even brighter sound, chemical hardener reinforcing agents may be added to the felt. In the early days of hammer making.  Under felt was used for the proper shaping of the top felt in the early days. This process and tradition,  although not necessary today because of modern hammer making machines,  has became standard on  quality hammers.

To make a softer more mellow sound, the hammers may also be toned. This is the process of pushing needles in to the felt which will soften the felt and the more forgiving hammer will in turn produce a softer sound. These processes can allow us to change the sound in different areas of the piano. As an example you might like your piano to have a softer sound in the bass and brighter sound at the top end. This work is usually done in the room by marrying the acoustics of the piano with the acoustics of the room. Half of the quality of the piano sound can be in the acoustics of the room, and consequently a piano may sound very good in one room and very bad in another. 
Kluge keys

Making some of the worlds finest keys for the piano makers since 1876. Now owned by Steinway Musical Industries and used by Steinway & Sons Pianos.

Made from finest quality European beech.

German Roslau Strings

Piano StringsThese strings are recognized throughout the world to be the finest available. They provide renowned tuning stability and the best clarity of sound. The continuous research and development goes back many years,and in the case of Rosleau to the establishment in 1882. Being the leader for so many years has enabled these company to have the most advanced production techniques and the right machines to produce these fine strings.

Degen Piano-Wires

Since 1760 Feindrahtwerk Adolf Edelhoff have produced highest quality spinning wires for the piano industry. These wires are produced in the traditional way and under special climatic conditions even today still basically by hand. They have long been part of the most famous grand and upright pianos in the world. The use of purest copper, the traditional knowledge, conscientious employees and a modern quality assurance system guarantee consistently the highest quality.

Tuning Plank

Made from laminated beech, each layer glued to precise angles for ease of tuning and stability.

Iron Frame made in Europe

Manufacture with over 140 years experience. Advanced design to provide excellent finish and stability.

Key weight

Each key is individually weighed.


Solid brass agraffes to provide precise string alignment and accuracy of tuning.

Piano back

Constructed from European Spruce and Beech wood. Providing a climatic stable bass for string and casework.
Concert Pianist

The detailed knowledge of a concert pianist who has the knowledge of the technique of piano playing combined with a deep understanding of the geometry, and engineering of the action, plays a very a big part in how well the piano plays and is at the heart of the pianist being able to produce a lovely sound.

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