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Suitcase Piano

It is from my own concert experience that I have designed the Suitcase Piano. The fold together keyboard is to help Classical and Jazz Concert Pianist to when on concert tour, overcome the problem of not having a piano in hotel rooms. Added to which, a great help to have a keyboard back stage, so that the artist can exercise the fingers and coordinate the fingers with the brain before walking out on stage.
The Suitcase Piano is also designed for the serious student and concert pianist who wishes to develop their piano playing technique. The Suitcase Piano can be adjusted to different key touch weights. In other words the keys can be made to be either heavier or lighter to push down.

The Suitcase Piano also has magnets that can be adjusted to increase the initial resistance of key decent. This helps the pianist to consciously feel the surface of the key when being depressed. Having to really mean the depression of each key makes a deep imprint in the brain. This speeds up progress and makes playing more secure. It also helps with memorising.

The keyboard is like the weight lifting machines that athletes use in the gymnasium. The muscles that operate our hands, arms and body are our tools that do the job of playing the piano. Technique is having the physical ability to produce the sound we require. If we wish to develop our technique quickly we, like the athlete, have to build strong muscles. With conscious directing thought from our brain, we are then able to control those muscles to produce the desired sound in our imagination.

The depth of touch can also be adjusted to different depths, and the black keys to be set to different heights. This combined with specially designed exercises will strengthen the muscles and stretch the Fingers and hand Ligaments. Strong  Flexible hands and fingers are required to play fast passages of music with precision. We have ten fingers so we should aim to prepare ten notes at a time. If we are able to do this we are able to play ten individual notes in a fraction of a second.

In short, the Suitcase Piano enables us to develop that strength and flexibility required to improve our technique. The price for the Suitcase piano is £3,595.

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