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Custom made upright pianos

The style may vary from traditional antique styles to modern. Almost anything is possible. We can build your piano with carvings or with beautiful inlay marquetry. Virtually any line drawing picture or photo can be transferred into inlay marquetry.

We can match your new upright Pinkham piano to your furniture and you can select your own veneer. You may even inscribe on your piano a hand written message in exotic wood. For sealing and finishing the wood in a time honoured tradition we use natural oils and waxes to produce a hard wearing wood finish. We also offer a wide choice of modern lacquers and Polyester. Royalty and professional musicians at home and abroad have commissioned work from our fine craftsmen.

We will design your piano to suit the surroundings in which it is to be kept and to your own personal style of playing. As an example, a little girl of four years old would require her piano to be adjusted differently to that of a great concert pianist.
Each piano can be adjusted to a light or heavy touch. It may be toned to have a bright, mellow or soft sound and to respond to fast and rapid repeating notes with ease.

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